“Lafferty rises to the
legend’s challenge…”

The Evening Standard

"Lafferty wins our sympathy for her subject and admiration for her performance."

Jewish Chronicle


"Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference is,
frankly, my dears, worth giving a damn about."


“It is an entertaining show and a pleasingly assured solo turn”

The Times

“It is a touching and entertaining performance”

The Sunday Telegraph

“It is a touching piece, sustained
delightfully by Marcy Lafferty”

The Financial Times

    “The material is so engrossing and the performance
so compelling, it all works beautifully.”

The Metro

 “After about ten minutes I became mesmerized.
It was almost as if I was seeing Vivien again.”

Tarquin Olivier, son of Sir Laurence Olivier
as quoted in The Stage


“This is a remarkable performance
by a remarkable actress…”

The Stage

“One of the most moving evocations of a real-life person that I can remember… Lafferty inhabits the role for real, holding her audience mesmerized for nearly 90 minutes in a monologue of epic proportions.”

What's On?

“A crisp one-woman show…
 always engaging”

The Observer

Daily Variety

LA Weekly

Audience Response


"She holds the audience in the palm of her hand"

The Stage London

"The intensely harrowing portrait of a
woman in despair."

LA Weekly Pick of the Week

"Lafferty excellently depicts the angel
and the demon in Leigh.  A must see!"

Press Telegram

"A captivating and touching performance"

The Scotsman

"It's Houston's turn now to see this elegantly
tortured portrayal of Leigh"


"Lafferty takes the stage every bit the star"


"Spectacular and balanced performance"

Dr. Peter Whybrow, Director
UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

We walk away feeling privileged
to have met the 'real' Vivien Leigh"



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