Dear Ms. Lafferty,

"Sometimes, there's God ... so quickly."

My favorite line from "Streetcar" and my precise feelings upon watching your portrayal in "Vivien Leigh, The Last Press Conference." It takes a woman of uncommon courage, complexity and intellect to bring another to life so believably. I feel truly grateful to have witnessed your performance.

My admiration of Vivien Leigh is probably surpassed only by your own. I have often wondered how someone enters our hearts so completely and opens our minds to new depths of awareness. Is it technique, magic or both? To me, Vivien embodied the ultimate extremes in our existence and for that reason she has always touched my soul. Her demons were not self-inflicted, but like so many of us, she felt they were. For reincarnating her intense light with such honesty and clarity, I thank you. It was Vivien Leigh's name that drew me to that little Houston theater all the way from Dallas, but it is Marcy Lafferty that I thank for a beautifully memorable performance.

Just moments before your entrance, serendipity intervened and I was moved to the front row. I felt as if I were sharing the stage with two incredible actresses and because of that, my future theater experiences shall bear the faint echo,

"There is no then ... there is no after."

With all best wishes,

Kevin Curran
a fan from Texas