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Detailed Production Information

Running Time: 77 minutes, no interval

The show is simple to mount, needing a chair and tables as the set for a press conference. It can also be performed on most existing set using the available lighting plot. 


(2) Tables, roughly 4' x 4', circa 1960, of similar style, if not exactly alikedied33.gif (991 bytes)
(1) armchair with cushion seat, circa 1960
(1) low endtable, circa 1960, no larger than 2' x 2', for next to chair (holds papers, bud vase, pitcher and glass, props provided by artist)
(1) area rug, solid color or muted pattern, preferably grey


- gels: Rosco-lux, #33 (no-color pink) for front, #51 (surprise pink) for sides, #64 (light steel blue) for back
- special: ellipsoidal, hung directly over chair, preferably 1000 watts
- fresnels: pow 40, for front, sides, and back


Cd player or cassette player for pre- and post-show sound cues


Minimal amount of light cues in the beginning, then a single special hung directly over her chair for a cue towards the end of the show.