Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference Marcy Lafferty as Vivien Leigh

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Lafferty ... brings a visceral intimacy to this piece ... that gives the piece more the feel of a Hollywood confessional full of gossip and anecdotes than a schematic “birth to death” biography.”
Off Broadway

“The story of her life has enormous dramatic potential, which Ms. Lafferty’s by the book recounting successfully explores.”
The New York Sun

"Vivid (and entertaining) are the descriptions of her behind-the-scenes conversations with David O. Selznick'…” The New York Times

"Lafferty rises to the legend’s
The Evening Standard

"Lafferty wins our sympathy for
her subject and admiration
for her performance."
— Jewish Chronicle 

"Vivien Leigh: The Last Press
Conference is, frankly, my dears,
worth giving a damn about." 
— Midweek

“It is an entertaining show and a pleasingly
assured solo turn”
  — The Times

“It is a touching and entertaining
— The Sunday Telegraph

“It is a touching piece,
sustained delightfully by Marcy
 — The Financial Times

“The material is so engrossing and
the performance so compelling,
it all works beautifully.”
  — The Metro

 “After about ten minutes I became mesmerized.
 It was almost as if I was seeing Vivien again.”
Tarquin Olivier, son of Sir
Laurence Olivier as quoted in The Stage

“This is a remarkable performance
by a remarkable actress…”
— The Stage

“One of the most moving evocations of a real-life person that I can remember… Lafferty inhabits the role for real, holding her audience mesmerized for nearly 90 minutes in a monologue of epic proportions.”    — What's On?

“An uninterrupted hour and a half of pleasure”
— Theatreworld Internet Magazine

“A crisp one-woman show…
 always engaging”
— The Observer

“A tour-de-force sojourn into the tortured
soul of an artist
— Daily Variety